Best Registered Agent for LLC Services

The Best Registered Agent for LLC Services (2024)

A registered agent for LLCs plays a crucial role in leading LLC success. It will help you a lot to form and maintain your LLC correctly.  

You can also become a registered agent, which will pressure you immensely. So, It’s better to hire a registered agent for your new or old LLC. 

So, where will you find a great registered agent?

There are well-known LLC service providers to help you. Let’s check them out below.

What is a Registered Agent for an LLC or Corporation?

A registered agent can be a person or company. It helps a business to handle the service of process. 

So, a person who manages the legal correspondence on behalf of a company is called a registered agent. You can start an LLC and maintain it smoothly with the help of registered agent services,  

They receive official notices. Then, they provide them to the owners within the deadline. 

Plus, they prepare legal papers to form an LLC without mistakes. They mainly represent the company and help overcome all the legal troubles. 

Best Registered Agent for LLC Services​

There are many LLC service providers in many states. But a few of them stand out and maintain excellent quality service. Let’s check out 5 best LLC services below.

1. ZenBusiness

Create your next LLC in minutes! ZenBuisness offers excellent LLC filing services. If you choose the starter package, you can start an LLC with $0 fees. But yes, there is a state fee. 

ZenBusiness is affordable and provides all the services needed to form an LLC. They also offer legal paperwork for taxation and other legal correspondence. So you can also get help to maintain your LLC. 

Their expectancy shows their 100% accuracy in providing services. ZenBusines can be the best registered agent for LLCs. So, form and grow your LLC from today.

  • Free filing service: The cost of filing an LLC from ZenBusiness is zero. So, you will only pay the state fees.
  • Many packages: There are 3 packages. It includes starter, pro, and premium. 
  • Compliance services: ZenBusines provides all the legal services. It includes operating agreements, EIN, business documents, and more.
  • Simple setup: The process is relatively easy. So you can easily buy an LLC service. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: ZenBusiness offers refunds.
  • Customer support: Expert team is available to answer your questions.
  • Cash savings: There is a free filing service. So it will save you money. 
  • Option to choose: There are multiple packages. You can also get a customized package, So choose what will suit your LLC best. 
  • One-stop solution: Get relaxed! They provide legal services to handle the rest of the things to form and maintain your LLC. 
  • Easiness: The simple interface design and process make it helpful. It does not matter if you are a new visitor to ZenBusines. You can easily understand the details and buy a package. 
  • No risk: There is a money-back guarantee for 60 days. So your money is safe.
  • Communication: There's a live support team. The team members will communicate with you. So you will get answers to your questions. in a minute. 
  • Renewal prices are high.
  • Confusing packages.

2. LegalZoom

If you are looking for one-stop services, then LeglaZoom can be significant. It helps to form, manage, and control your LLC. 

There are experienced and expert attorneys on their team. So you can get perfect guidelines and advice. 

You can ask them whatever your question is. They have an excellent customer support team. 

They provide a $0 state fee offer to start your LLC. Plus, they help you get licenses and permits, taxation ID, and legal representation. 

LegalZoom offers its services in all 50 states of the USA. You can remain in touch with them even through online consultations. 

  • Expert attorneys: You will get legal advice from many expert attorneys.
  • Money-back guarantee: LegalZoom offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like the service, get your money back.
  • Available in all states: They provide service in all 50 states. 
  • Flat rates: There are no extra fees to count. 
  • Compliance services: LegalZoom provides services to get you licenses, permits, or tax IDs.
  • Unlimited cloud storage: you will have an account with cloud storage. Os the data will be safe and in hand. 
  • Live support: A team member is always available to provide live support. You can talk with them and get the advice you need.
  • No mistakes in documents: You will get expert attorneys' advice. So, there is a 0% chance of making mistakes in forming an LLC. 
  • Cash safety: You get the refund in 60 days. So, there is no money risk. 
  • In a safe hand: LgelaZoom is with you in all the states. So you will always get the guidelines. 
  • Keep in budget: There are no hidden or extra fees. So you can set a budget and maintain it. 
  • Relaxation: They provide compliance services. So, you can relax and enjoy their services. 
  • Secured: Your data is secured online.
  • Their service is expensive compared to other competitors
  • Not enough time for customer support facility.

3. Northwest

Northwest can be a wise option whether your business is new or old. They have an excellent team to provide best registered agent services for your LLC. 

You can enjoy 1-year registered agent services of premium quality. Their customer support team will help you for a lifetime.  

They give utmost importance to customers’ data security. Their transparency will amaze you. They can locally scan each document you receive. 

So get the compliance services and take your LLC to the next level.

  • No upselling: Northwest LLC service providers are honest with their words. They charge no extra later. 
  • Registered agent services: They provide 1 year of premium registered agent services. So you don't need to look elsewhere for an agent. 
  • Free online account: You will get a free account. So it will be easy to upload and store necessary data. 
  • Customer support team: There is always someone to guide you. Have any questions? Ask customer support anytime!
  • Privacy issue: They are concerned about clients' privacy. So your data will remain private and safe. 
  • Local business expert: In every state, Northwest provides an expert to help and guide you. So you will get legal licenses.
  • Simple interface: The website is designed simply. So, you can easily read and buy an LLC service.
  • No extra expense: There are no hidden fees. So it will save you cash later.
  • Time-saving: Northwest gives all the compliance and registered agent services. So you don't need to look elsewhere. It will save you time.
  • Easy accessibility: you will have an online free account. So you can check your data 24/7 a day. 
  • Guideline: Customer support is active to help you with any questions. 
  • Avoid spam: Northwest protects your data. So you can get rid of spam. 
  • The turnaround times are somewhat uneven.
  • EIN service is not included. So you need to pay extra to get EIN service.

4. Incfile

A popular registered agent for LLC service is Incfile. It also provides registered agent services. 

1,000,000+ businesses have already worked with Incfle. Since 2004, they have been helping big and small businesses to grow. 

They provide all the legal services. You can easily visit their site and order service. 

You can review your order. Then you can also check your digital dashboard for updates. 

There is also a customer support system to help you.

  • Zero filing fees: Where other competitors may charge up to $150+, they are charging nothing. But you pay the state fees. 
  • Legal documents preparation: The Incfile expert team is ready to make and handle legal documents. It helps your LLC to avoid making a single mistake.
  • Free registered agent: They will provide an agent for free only for the first year.
  • Customized packages: They will provide services based on your needs. So you can customize LLC services. 
  • Online dashboard: You will get a dashboard once you buy their service. It's easy to understand and use. 
  • No extra fees: The cost is shown to you. There are no hidden fees.
  • Customer support: The expert team provides support to the customer.
  • Saves your money: There is a free filing service and no hidden charges. So it saves your cash. 
  • No worry about papers: The expert team will make the documents without mistakes. So you don't need to bother anymore. 
  • Meet with your aim: You can customize the service as you need. So you can get a service plan that will help your LLC succeed. 
  • Transparency: The online dashboard system helps customers. You can easily track the progress.
  • Good relationship: Friendly customer support enhances the relationship with the clients. 
  • Document scanning facility does not work every
  • Slow customer support

5. Inchauthority

New or small businesses choose Incuthrity for its free services. If you have a small budget for LLC services, then Incauthority is perfect for you!

In all 50 states, you will get their service. They provide setup and registered agent services without any costs.

They provide compliance services. Their expert team also makes a tax consultation with you to save you from extra fees.

The customer support team is also helpful to guide you. 30+ years of experience will work for your LLC to perform better.

  • Free services: Inchuthprity provides most of the free services compared to others. They give free filing, agent, and tax ID services.
  • Legal services: It's a one-stop solution. You will get the legal paper services for your LLC success.
  • Online access: You will get the digital storage. There, you can see that your data is safe. 
  • Customer support: Like other competitors, they also have an excellent team. They talk with the clients live.
  • The business advice: You'll get more advice outside of your LLc maintenance. Their expert team will help you to make better decisions for LLC.
  • Saving your capital: Inchauthpority provides free services. You will get filing and registered agent services free. Plus, there will be free tax ID. S it will save your capital to invest in your business. 
  • Time-saving: The expert team will handle all the legal appearances of your LLC. So you got to save time and focus more on business. 
  • Peace of mind: There are experts to create papers and guide you. So you feel the relaxation and have peace of mind, 
  • Privacy: They give an online storage facility. So your data remains safe. 
  • Simple process: Choose the service you want. Then, discuss with the team and achieve success.  
  • Renewal pricing is unclear
  • Upsell pitches

How Do You Maintain a Registered Agent?

Once you form an LLC, you may hire a registered agent. But it does not end here. Continuously, you must maintain your registered agent. It’s not limited to paying fees only. You have to maintain it with the state also. 

Provide Updated Registered Agent Information 

Not anyone can be a registered agent. There are some rules to follow. Anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible to become a registered agent.

  • Address

Your LLC agent needs a physical location in the same state. The address cannot be a P.O. box but an actual physical location. The agent needs to be present at that address during working hours. 

  • Choosing a Person

Your employee, relatives, other members, or you can also become a registered agent for your LLC. But the person should be available in working hours. Also, the agent must receive mail and provide physical location in public documents. 

  • Rules and Regulations 

Some states have specific laws regarding registered agents. So, it’s better to know your particular state laws. It will help to not violate any law.

Changing an Agent

If you change your registered agent, then inform the state officials. It’s essential for your LLC. Please do not delay to inform them at all. 

Change the Registered Agent Information 

The new agent will have different details than the previous one. You must provide the new agents’ names, addresses, and other essential documents.


Hopefully, you have understood the importance of a registered agent for LLCs. You may suffer later if you don’t hire a registered agent to start an LLC. So, choose the best registered agent services for your LLC’s ultimate success.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different names of a registered agents. For example, Resident Agent, Statutory Agent, and Agent for Service of Process.

No! It is mentioned to have a physical address in the list of registered agents’ requirements. An agent must have a real address to receive mail from governments or states. 

You can become a registered agent for your LLC. But it’s not recommended. It will expose your address in public documents. Plus, you will need to be active during business hours. You could receive and respond to the legal correspondence. If you meet all the criteria, then become a registered agent. Otherwise, hire someone else.

You can not run an LLC without a registered agent in a few states. But there are no specific penalties or charges. You could miss essential notices from the officials. There will be a lack of communication and documents. Ultimately, your LLC will suffer and may run out of business.

It’s better to hire a registered agent from the start of your LLC. Suppose you run a business in various states and don’t have time to communicate with the officials during business hours. In that case, it’s time to hire a registered agent. 

Yes! You can use your LLC agent’s address in public documents instead of yours. It will help you to hide your location.

Service of process means delivery of legal notice to an individual or business. It requires a response in a limited time frame. Plus, there is a need to take action. For example, document preparation, appearing in court, or checking an activity. A registered agent handles the service of the process.

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