Cheapest state to form an LLC

The Cheapest States to Form an LLC in 2024

As entrepreneurs navigate the intricate business formation landscape, one question arises: which is the cheapest states to form an LLC without draining my financial resources? 

In 2024, amidst economic fluctuations and evolving regulatory landscapes, the quest for the most Budget-friendly LLC formation has taken center stage. 

So, join me as I journey to uncover the hidden gems in business incorporation within this article today.

How Can You Lower The Cost of LLC Formation?

Creating an LLC involves fees, but savvy entrepreneurs seek ways to trim expenses. First off, consider handling the formation process yourself. Though DIY methods require time and research, they can save you from hefty legal fees. 

Here are some more practical practical tips:

  1. Utilize Online Formation Services: Opt for online formation services that offer competitive rates. These platforms streamline the process, often providing comprehensive packages.
  2. Research State-Specific Incentives: Watch for state-specific incentives or fee waivers that may further reduce your expenses. Some states offer programs or discounts to encourage business formation, providing an opportunity to lower your overall costs.
  3. Choose a State with Minimal Fees: Select a state with minimal filing fees and low ongoing maintenance costs. By comparing fees across different states, you can identify cost-effective options.
  4. Consider Long-term Implications: While focusing on upfront costs is essential, consider the long-term implications of LLC formation. Evaluate taxes, regulatory requirements, and operational flexibility to ensure your chosen state offers the best value.

Top 20 Cheapest States to Form an LLC

In the realm of entrepreneurship, every penny counts. Entrepreneurs seeking to launch their ventures with financial prudence often wonder: where can I form my LLC without breaking the bank? 

Therefore, I have prepared a table of the top 20 cheapest states to form an LLC, shedding light on LLC filing fees and annual fees. Let’s take a look:



LLC Filing Fee

Annual Fee







$90 - $200




$75 - $425



New Mexico








North Dakota




South Dakota























































The filing and annual fees may vary based on specific circumstances and regulations. Verifying current fees with the respective state’s Secretary of State or appropriate regulatory body before proceeding with LLC formation is essential. But what are 3 cheapest states to form an LLC? Find out in the next section!

3 Cheapest States to Start a Business

Every state has its perks and pitfalls regarding LLC formation costs. Factors such as filing fees, annual reports, and taxes vary widely. 

So, some states boast low initial filing fees but offset this with higher ongoing maintenance costs. Others offer a balanced approach with moderate fees across the board. 

It ultimately depends on your business needs and long-term goals. However, I will give you a good idea based on my research.

1. Wyoming

Wyoming consistently tops the list as one of the cheapest states to form an LLC. With its minimal filing fees and lack of annual report requirements, entrepreneurs can establish their businesses with minimal financial burden. 

Additionally, Wyoming boasts a business-friendly environment, including no state income tax, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious entrepreneurs seeking affordability without compromising quality.

2. Delaware

Although often associated with more giant corporations, Delaware is also an inexpensive state for LLC incorporation. While its initial filing fees may be slightly higher than some other states, Delaware provides significant advantages, including a well-established legal system and a respected court of chancery.

These factors contribute to long-term cost savings and legal protections for LLC owners, making Delaware a compelling option for entrepreneurs looking to maximize value.

3. Nevada

Nevada is another option for affordable LLC formation. With its low initial filing fees and favorable tax environment, including no corporate or personal income tax, Nevada presents an attractive option for entrepreneurs seeking to minimize expenses. 

Additionally, Nevada offers robust asset protection laws and privacy provisions, further enhancing its appeal for business owners looking to safeguard their assets and interests.

Wyoming, Delaware, and Nevada are the top three cheapest states to form an LLC. Each state offers unique advantages, from minimal filing fees to favorable tax environments and legal protections. 

By carefully evaluating these factors and considering their business needs, entrepreneurs can select the most cost-effective option for LLC formation while ensuring long-term success and sustainability for their ventures. But are there particular advantages and disadvantages that you need to be aware of?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Establishing LLCs in These States

Knowing the merits & demerits of forming LLCs in the cheapest states is crucial. Otherwise, you may face situations that you didn’t know existed. So, I have come up with some of the most common advantages & disadvantages below:


  1. Cost Savings: Cheaper states typically have lower filing fees and annual maintenance costs, saving money on formation and ongoing expenses.
  2. Simplified Compliance: Some inexpensive states have simpler regulatory requirements, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens.
  3. Tax Benefits: Certain states offer favorable tax regimes for LLCs, potentially leading to tax savings for business owners.


  1. Limited Legal Protections: Cheaper states may offer fewer legal protections for LLC owners, potentially exposing them to greater liability.
  2. Reputation Concerns: Some inexpensive states might have a reputation for tax regulation or governance, which could impact the perception of the LLC.
  3. Administrative Challenges: Despite lower costs, navigating the formation process in certain states may still pose administrative challenges or delays.

Value-driven LLC Registration

Value-driven LLC registration emphasizes maximizing benefits beyond mere affordability. While Wyoming, Delaware, and Nevada stand out as the most affordable states for LLC formation, entrepreneurs should consider factors like legal protections, tax advantages, and long-term operational benefits. 

Wyoming offers minimal fees and a business-friendly environment with no state income tax. Delaware provides legal advantages and a respected court system, while Nevada offers low fees, no income tax, and robust asset protection laws. 

Ultimately, the goal is to balance affordability and quality, ensuring your LLC is poised for success.


In conclusion, finding the cheapest states to form an LLC is a multifaceted endeavor. While Wyoming is a beacon of affordability, other states offer compelling alternatives. 

By leveraging cost-saving strategies and prioritizing value-driven decision-making, entrepreneurs can confidently navigate the maze of LLC formation. 

So, where will you plant the seeds of your business venture? The answer lies in the intersection of cost-effectiveness and value maximization.

Key Points

  1. Entrepreneurs seek the affordable state for LLC formation amidst economic shifts, exploring Budget-friendly LLC formation.
  2. You can lower costs by handling LLC formation independently, saving on legal fees but requiring time and research.
  3. Opt for platforms offering competitive rates, streamlining the process, and providing comprehensive packages.
  4. Research incentives or fee waivers in different states, potentially reducing overall expenses.
  5. Choose states with low filing fees and maintenance costs, ensuring cost-effective options for LLC formation.
  6. Evaluate taxes, regulations, and operational flexibility for sustainable value beyond initial savings.
  7. Minimal filing fees and no annual reports make Wyoming an attractive, business-friendly option with no state income tax.
  8. Despite slightly higher fees, Delaware offers legal advantages and a respected court system for long-term cost savings.
  9. Low initial fees, no corporate or personal income tax, and robust asset protection laws make Nevada a compelling choice.
  10. While Wyoming shines as affordable, other states offer value. Entrepreneurs navigate cost-effective LLC formation with confidence.
  11. Choose a state aligning with your budget and business goals, ensuring your LLC is positioned for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

While cost is a significant factor, entrepreneurs should consider other aspects, such as legal protections, regulatory environment, and operational advantages, when choosing a state for LLC formation. Sometimes, paying slightly higher fees may result in long-term benefits and protections.

While the initial filing fees may be low, entrepreneurs should be aware of potential additional costs such as registered agent fees, publication requirements, and ongoing compliance expenses. These factors can vary depending on the state’s regulations.

In addition to cost, entrepreneurs should evaluate factors such as business-friendly laws, tax regulations, ease of compliance, legal protections, and proximity to their target market. Choosing a state that aligns with your business goals and operational needs is crucial for long-term success.

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