How Much Does An LLC Cost in Missouri

How Much Does An LLC Cost in Missouri? (2024)

Very few states do not impose taxes on LLCs, and Missouri is one of them. But, then, you will have to pay to hire a registered agent, insurance for workers’ compensation, and business licenses. But how much does an LLC cost in Missouri?

The minimum filing cost to form an LLC in Missouri is $50 (including the processing fee for filing your LLC formation documents). On the other hand, if you file the formation paperwork by mail, you will pay an additional fee of $105. 

However, the total cost of forming an LLC in Missouri depends on many other factors, such as state filing fees, legal assistance (if required), and compliance expenses. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about LLC costs in Missouri.

Why Form an LLC in Missouri?

Business owners and entrepreneurs can make the best use of the LLC in Missouri, and hence, they can open new opportunities for themselves. For instance, Missouri has a Missouri Work program, which is of great advantage to both the new and the old business companies.

For entrepreneurs, forming an LLC in Missouri is the easiest and fastest way. It can be ideal for startups to small to medium-sized businesses.

Despite having a small or medium-sized business, you can get the same benefits as a large corporation in Missouri.

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Missouri?

Here is a summary of the key requirements and fees you need to know when forming an LLC in Missouri:



LLC Name


Registered Agent


Articles of Organization


Operating Agreement


EIN Number


Annual Report



Varies (filed or paid every year)

Missouri LLC Formation Filing Fee: $50

Missouri LLC filing costs start at $50 when you file your Articles of Organization online by mail, the cost is $150 with the Secretary of State to be legally registered. 

If you are willing to submit any of these documents on your own, you’ll be made to pay one of the following registration fees:

  • Domestic Entities: $50
  • Foreign Entities: $105

If you submit your domestic entities’ Missouri LLC Articles of Organization by mail, you must pay an additional fee of $105. 

You must pay more because of the small service charge and Missouri’s registration fee if you use an LLC formation service. The fee for LLC formation can be different. 

The fees for an LLC formation service can vary. It starts from as low as $29 and increases if you purchase any additional offerings.

If you are an active military member or member of the Missouri National Guard, you can participate in the Startups for Soldiers programs. Under this program, they offer an active military member a waiver.

Missouri Registered Agent Fee ($0-$130+)

When you prepare the Articles of Organization for submission to the Secretary of State, you will also need to appoint a registered agent to the business. You can act as your registered agent and don’t have to pay for it. 

Nevertheless, we recommend that you hire a professional service because this way, you will not have any problems during non-compliance with the state legislation, and no penalties or legal issues will come to you. Depending on the provider, this will cost you between $100 to $130+ per year.

Missouri State Business License Fee ($25+)

The Missouri Department of Revenue doesn’t charge any fees for giving out a tax license for businesses to do business if they want to. 

Though the license is free, you will have to deposit a sales and use tax bond that is three times larger than your projected monthly sales tax deposits. The minimum fee for your state business license is $25.

Additional LLC Costs in Missouri

Despite the primary costs, there are some additional LLC costs in Missouri that you need to remember. These are:

Name Reservation

In case you’ve got a name for your business that you don’t need an LLC for yet, go to the Missouri Secretary of State and file an Application for Reservation of Name to use it later. Completing the registration is $25, and your name will be safe for up to two months.

However, you can file additional name reservation applications during this time to extend the reservation time up to a maximum of 180 days.

DBA (Doing Business As) Name

If you would like to conduct your business under a name not legal to be registered, you’ll need to register a Doing Business As (DBA) name. It is commonly called a fictitious name in Missouri. 

To get a DBA name, fill out the Registration of Fictitious Name form provided by the Missouri Department, which costs about $7.

But remember, fictitious names will expire after five years. To renew, you must submit the same form and pay the filing fee again.

Local Business Licenses

Depending on your LLC’s location and industry, you may need to obtain a number of local-level licenses and permits to operate your business legally in Missouri. To get a better understanding of what the local licenses require, contact authorities at your local city and county level. 

Certificate of Good Standing

Basically, it is a document to prove your LLC has been in the state database from which it was created. You can obtain Certification for your Missouri LLC; it costs a $10 filing fee and has to request executing it by mailing, fax, email, or online.

Certified Copies of Business Documents

To get certified copies of your business documents, you may apply through the Missouri Department of State for $10 per document. You can file the request by fax, mail, email, in person, or online. 

If you mail your filing, you will have to pay $0. 50 per page with an additional $10 processing fee.

6 Simple Steps to Form an LLC in Missouri

Here is step-by-step guide to forming an LLC in Missouri:

Step 1: Pick out a unique name for your LLC.
Step 2: Give an official address for your business
Step 3: Choose a registered agent
Step 4:  File your Articles of Organization with the Missouri Secretary of State (SOS)
Step 5: Get an EIN to identify your business.
Step 6: Create an LLC Operating Agreement 

Pros and Cons of Starting an LLC in Missouri

Here are the pros of starting an LLC in Missouri:

  1. You can easily file your taxes
  2. Missouri offers limited liability to LLC members 
  3. Missouri is known for its business-friendly climate and low cost, while giving you access to major markets.
  4. Missouri does not impose a tax on LLCs.

Cons of starting an LLC in Missouri:

  1. Higher initial filling fee compared to the national average
  2. You’ll need to file an annual report and pay a fee


We hope our article gave you a clear idea about how much does an LLC cost in Missouri. The exact LLC costs in Missouri can vary depending on many factors. We have explained here all the factors that you may need to understand before forming your business.

It is recommended that you research and take into account all the additional costs to make sure that you fulfill the requirements of the state and get your business for long-term success.

Key Points

  • The minimum cost to form an LLC in Missouri is $50 (including the processing fee for filing your LLC formation documents).
  • Depending on the provider, the Missouri Registered Agent fee will cost you between $100 to $130+ per year.
  • If you choose a name for your business but aren’t looking to form an LLC immediately, file an Application for Reservation of Name. Submitting this form costs $25 and reserves your name for up to 60 days.
  • Pros of starting an LLC in Missouri is its business-friendly climate and low cost while giving you access to major markets.
  • Cons are a higher initial filing fee and require filing an annual report and pay a fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you hire a Registered Agent service, you’ll pay an annual subscription fee, which varies depending on the industry and location and is about $125 per year.

It can vary between three and five business days.

The Missouri Foreign LLC costs $50 if you file online. If you file via mail, the fee will rise up to $105.

Yes, Missouri is a great state to start a business. It doesn’t charge a state business license fee and approves quickly and helpful representatives at the Secretary of State.

Missouri does not require LLCs to file yearly reports like other states.

The largest cost in Missouri is the filing fee for your Articles of Organization.

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