How To Change LLC Name

How To Change LLC Name? (2024 Guide)

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an incredible method to keep your company safe. If you have a small business, it will help you to structure the company easily and safely.

If you are already registered under LLC as a company and feel like changing the company name, this might need clarification for you. So, read this article to learn “how to change LLC name?”

Can I Rename My LLC?

Yes, you can rename your LLC. However, the specific steps and requirements may vary depending on the state where your LLC is registered.

In general, you have to file a name change amendment with the appropriate state agency. The agency is usually the Secretary of State’s office or the business filing office. After completing all the steps one by one, one can rename his/her LLC.

How To Change LLC Name In 7 Steps

If changing your LLC name is not a must, you can simply continue doing business with DBA (Doing Business As). It is not essential to change your legal business name. Once you change the LLC anime, you must alter it on all business accounts. 

Follow these steps to get a smooth guideline of the LLC name-changing process:

How To Change LLC Name

Step 1: Search For Available New LLC Name

Whatever game you are picking, it should be available and unused in your state as any other LLC business. This process is easier if you do it online on your state’s LLC website. However, you can seek help from business filing agencies, too. You just have to pick a name that is absolutely unique and does not exist at all.

Step 2: File a Form

You have to file a form with the state secretary. This step is also known as filing articles in some states. This document name will vary from state to state. In this document, you have to provide certain personal details like LLC name, address, business details, business type, and signature.

Step 3: Check on the Naming provision of Your state

Each state has individual naming provision requirements. So, you must check on the LLC. Some states identify business types and name them LLCs or INCs. Others prohibit using certain words on certain documents. 

Step 4: Contact Registered Agent

Generally, states appoint a registered individual to complete all lawsuit activities of LLC. You need to appoint one agent to proceed with further activities. 

Step 5: Pay The Fees

In order to register LLC new name, you have to complete a certain amount of payment. This payment can vary from state to state. Generally, it takes around $100 to spend on the new LLC name registration.

Step 6: Wait For Article Amendment Approval

Once you have completed the applicable fees and prepared the file with the state, it is time to wait for the acceptance of the amendment.

Step 7: Do The Updates

Once you are done with all these and your LLC name has been approved, you need to update certain things on the official paper. You have to update the IRS and state tax department, update the name of your credit card/ bank, and update the business licenses, branding materials and other business accounts. 

How Much Does It Cost To Change LLC Name?

LLC name changing is not free. You need to pay certain amounts as per the state policy. In taxes, it is around $20 to $150. In most states, the cost exceeds $100 to change your business LLc name. However, in California, the cost is $50, and in New York, it is about $60. This cost will cover all documentation costs, including revenue services. 

Can I Change My LLC Name Online?

Yes, LLC name-changing formalities can be quickly done online. If you go through your state LC policy, you can find forms and requirements online. Even the Thai process is much quicker online rather than offline. Here, you can check LLC name distribution in minutes online. Without wasting your extra bucks and time, your amendment notification or approval or rejection will be responded to through mail. 

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Wrap Up

To change the name of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), you will need to follow certain steps. The process may vary depending on the laws and regulations of your specific state or jurisdiction. 

However, the article has mentioned all the necessary things you need to know for your question “How To Change LLC Name?”. Most states follow these steps to approve your application. Nonetheless, certain jurisdictions might require extra documents as well. For that, don’t forget to go through your state LLC policy.

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