Should I Start an LLC for My Side Hustle? The Ins & outs

Should I Start An LLC For My Side Hustle? The Ins And outs

Starting a side hustle is a popular way to supplement income and pursue passions outside of traditional employment. Many individuals who embark on side ventures may contemplate should I start an LLC for my side hustle.

I will bring up the benefits and considerations of starting an LLC for your side hustle, guiding you through decision-making.

What is an LLC?

Before deciding whether to start an LLC for your side hustle, let’s understand what an LLC is. An LLC is created by merging the tax advantages and flexibility of an alliance or sole proprietorship with the limited liability security of a corporation.  

In an LLC, owners are called members, and their assets are typically protected from the company’s debts and liabilities. Many people ask the question: can you start an LLC without a business? LLCs are popular among small to medium-sized businesses due to their simplicity in formation and management and favourable tax treatment.

The Relation Between LLC & Side Hustles

Side hustles are additional income streams pursued alongside full-time employment or other commitments. They can range from freelance work and consulting services to selling handmade crafts or offering online courses. 

Side hustles provide flexibility and the opportunity to explore entrepreneurial endeavours.

Should I Start an LLC for My Side Hustle in 2024?

Deciding whether to start an LLC for your side hustle involves weighing various factors. Evaluate your side hustle’s scale and long-term goals; forming an LLC may be prudent if it’s growing or likely to face legal or financial risks. 

Moreover, operating as an LLC can lend credibility to your venture, potentially attracting more clients and opening up growth opportunities. Ultimately, evaluate your situation and speak with financial and legal experts to make a perfect choice that fits your objectives and desires.

So, what about the advantages of running an LLC as a Side Hustle?

Advantages of Starting an LLC for a Side Hustle

Unveiling the hidden potential of your side hustle begins with a single step: forming an LLC. But why? Picture a shield safeguarding your assets, a tax strategy tailored to your advantage, and an aura of professionalism captivating your audience. 

Let’s dive deeper into the LLC world and discover how this simple yet powerful structure can transform your entrepreneurial journey.

  • Protecting their assets is one of the main reasons people choose to create an LLC for their side business. The owner’s assets are usually protected from liability in case of lawsuits or debts incurred by the company, providing peace of mind.
  • LLCs give owners tax flexibility by letting them decide how to tax their company. LLCs can benefit from pass-through tax, which allows income and losses to be reported on the owners’ tax returns and may result in tax savings, depending on the structure chosen.
  • Operating under an LLC can enhance the professional image of your side hustle. Clients and customers may perceive your business as more legitimate and trustworthy, potentially increasing opportunities and revenue.

4 Easy Steps to Starting an LLC

Embark on an empowering journey to entrepreneurial success as you uncover the vital steps to establish your LLC. From choosing a name to filing paperwork, empower yourself with the knowledge to build your dream business from scratch. 

Start today and pave the way for a future of prosperity and fulfilment. If you decide to proceed with forming an LLC for your side hustle, here are the essential steps to take:

1. Research and Planning

Research the requirements and regulations for forming an LLC in your state. Create a business plan tracing your objectives, target market, and financial predictions.

2. Name Registration

Choose a special and unique name for your LLC and confirm it’s available for registration. Check with your state’s business registry to confirm the name’s availability.

3. Filing Articles of Organization

Submit the required paperwork to the appropriate state agency, typically called the Articles of Organization. This document officially establishes your LLC and outlines its structure and management.

4. Creating an Operating Agreement

Draft an operating agreement outlining your LLC’s ownership structure, management responsibilities, and operating procedures. While not always required, an operating agreement helps clarify expectations and mitigate potential disputes among owners.

Here’s how To Get An LLC License: What are the critical considerations?

Considerations Before Starting an LLC for a Side Hustle

Before diving into LLC formation for your side hustle, consider critical factors. Weigh the costs and benefits against your business goals. An LLC can elevate your side venture and legal protection with careful planning. Explore these considerations to ensure a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial journey.

Cost Implications: Forming and upholding an LLC entails expenses, including filing fees, yearly reports, and maybe accounting or legal costs. Determine whether the advantages outweigh the costs.

Time Commitment: Managing an LLC requires time and effort, from initial setup to ongoing administrative tasks. Assess whether you can fulfil the business responsibilities alongside your other commitments.

Legal and Administrative Obligations: As a business owner, you must comply with legal and regulatory prerequisites, such as tax filings, licensing, and record-keeping. Ensure you understand and are prepared to fulfil these obligations.

It’s better to consult with an agent. I prefer you to know the registered agent’s cost.

Alternatives to Forming an LLC

When deliberating on the optimal legal structure for your side hustle, exploring alternatives beyond the conventional form of an LLC is essential. While sole partnerships offer simplicity, corporations provide robust liability protection, albeit with more complexity. 

By carefully assessing the merits of each option in alignment with your business objectives and legal obligations, you can make an informed decision. Seeking guidance from a seasoned business advisor can further illuminate the path forward, ensuring regulatory compliance and setting the stage for entrepreneurial success.

Real-Life Examples of Successful Side Hustles with LLCs

To inspire and illustrate the potential benefits of starting an LLC for your side hustle, here are some real-life examples of individuals who have successfully navigated the process and built thriving businesses.

  • E-commerce Business: With the rise of online marketplaces like Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon, many people have turned their hobbies or crafts into profitable e-commerce businesses. By establishing an LLC, e-commerce entrepreneurs can protect themselves from liability while scaling their operations and building brand credibility.
  • Rental Property Management: Some individuals generate extra income by renting out their properties through long-term leases or platforms like Airbnb. Forming a foreign LLC for rental property management can shield landlords from personal liability related to tenant issues or property damage.

Even tech giants like Google started as an LLCs. For companies of all sizes, the flexibility, limited responsibility, and tax benefits make it a desirable option.


The decision to should I start an LLC for my side hustle is multifaceted and requires a thorough examination of various considerations. While establishing an LLC can provide invaluable personal liability protection and tax advantages, it also entails administrative responsibilities and associated costs. 

It’s crucial to carefully assess your business goals, risk tolerance, and legal obligations before proceeding. Pursuing guidance from legal and financial experts can offer invaluable insights and ensure that your entrepreneurial journey is built on a solid foundation.

Key Points

  • Understand what an LLC is and how it protects limited liability, separating personal assets from business liabilities.
  •  Side hustles are additional income streams pursued alongside full-time employment or other commitments, offering flexibility and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Legal protection shields personal assets from business liabilities, tax flexibility potentially leads to savings, and operating under an LLC enhances professionalism and credibility.
  • Research and plan, choose a unique name, file Articles of Organization, and make an operating agreement to establish ownership structure and operating procedures.
  • Evaluate cost implications, time commitment, and legal responsibilities to ensure they align with your goals and circumstances.
  •  A sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation may be more suitable depending on your specific situation and objectives.
  •  Highlight successful side hustles with LLCs to illustrate the potential benefits and inspire readers.
  •  Highlight that while forming an LLC may offer advantages, weighing all options and choosing the structure that best fits your circumstances and goals is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is optional; forming an LLC can offer legal protection and tax benefits for your side hustle, depending on your circumstances and goals.

While administrative responsibilities are associated with managing an LLC, many resources and tools are available to streamline the process. Maintaining an LLC for your side hustle can be manageable with proper planning and organisation.

It depends on the nature of your side work and local regulations.

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