How to Transfer LLC Ownership?

How to Transfer LLC Ownership (Both Partial & Full)

Do you want to transfer LLC ownership but are confused about the legal process? You can transfer 100% or partial of your LLC, but you must follow a few legal terms.

The legal process will help you realize the importance of the transfer steps for the welfare of you and your LLC. The LLC has its own identity. Its owners change, but the business remains. It’s also an advantage for the members and buyers who will buy an LLC.

Let’s move on to your question “How to transfer LLC ownership?” without wasting a moment.

Can You Transfer LLC Ownership?

You can legally sell or transfer your LLC ownership to another person. The LLC remains the same, and the new buyer will continue operating the business. But the owner gets changed. So yes, you can transfer your LLC ownership.

There are 2 kinds of LLC ownership transfers. They are:

LLC Transfer of Ownership Agreement (Full)

When you sell the whole LLC, you transfer ownership of everything related to your LLC. It can be assets, debts, obligations, contracts, and more. It’s complex and requires multiple documents to check out and prepare. 

When you are selling a single-member LLC, it becomes easier. But if you have a multi-member LLC, all members should be ready to sell the whole ownership.

LLC Transfer of Ownership Agreement (Partial) 

You can sell your share in an LLC. In a multi-member LLC, all the members have claims. One or two members can sell their share and transfer ownership to a new member. It’s a transfer of partial ownership in an LLC. 

You must arrange the board meeting and get opinions from the rest of the members. You may also need to abide by the operating agreement during the ownership transfer process.

When transferring LLC ownership, you need to follow some essential steps. Then, legally, you can sell the shares of your LLC.

How to Transfer Your LLC Business Ownership

Transferring LLC Business ownership is easy if you follow the rules and steps without making mistakes. Let’s see 7 major steps in transforming your LLC ownership.

7 Steps to Transfer Your LLC Business Ownership

1. Partial or Total Transfer of LLC Ownership

You can sell your whole LLC or just your share to another person. First, you need to decide what you want to transfer. Check out your LLC documents and see your rights to sell LLCs, whole or partial.

2. Examine Your LLC Documents

Your LLC has primary documents. They are articles of organization and operating agreements. There are specific terms on those documents about transferring ownership. It will guide you to find a way to transfer your shares. 

There’s also a buy-sell agreement in your LLC’s operating agreement. But if not, you can add it anytime in your operating agreement.

3. Discuss Down to Your Buyer

Did you find a buyer to buy your LLC? Then, discuss with your buyer more to decide on various factors. It will help you know the buyer’s interest in purchasing your LLC, whether partial or whole. 

You and the buyer also get the chance to settle on requirements and prices. Plus, you can also propose any conditions or payment method in your mind.

4. Create a Buy-Sell Agreement

Once you and the buyer are on the same page, you can create a buy-sell agreement. You can also call it an LLC transfer of ownership agreement. It includes what you’re selling, the price, the time, and all the other essential details. 

All the LLC members must agree to sell shares in an LLC. You can also create a draft to help build the primary transfer documents for LLC ownership.

5. Keep Updated Records

Inform the state business registration agency about the transfer of LLC ownership. So, the state will keep the updated record. 

In a few states, transfer of LLC ownership is not allowed. In this case, you may dissolve your LLC, and the buyer will create the LLC again. The assets will be handed over to the buyer per the buy-sell agreement.

6. Refresh the Required Documents

After buying an LLC, a buyer should update all the necessary papers. It reflects the change of ownership. 

It includes tax filings, business licenses, permits, insurance policies, bank accounts, etc., which can help run your business smoothly. Otherwise, you may encounter trouble and fines while running an LLC.

7. Notify Others

After successfully transferring LLC ownership, it’s time to inform the public about the ownership change. See below to find out a few major parties to notify.


At first, inform the IRS about the ownership change of your LLC. Collect the filing Form 8822-B, also known as the LLC transfer of ownership form. Please fill out the form and submit it to the IRS. 

If you sell assets in your LLC, then report the sale on Form 4797. It will also help to calculate any loss or gain on business property sales.

Foreign LLC States

Your LLC might already be registered as a foreign LLC in other states. So inform other states’ business registration agencies, too. You may be required to fill out a form in a foreign state and submit it to the registration agency. 

Financial Institutions

It’s time to notify the financial institutions doing business with your LLC. It shows the legitimacy of ownership change. It can be banks, credit card companies, and more.

Registered Agent

You must notify your registered agent about the change in ownership as soon as possible. The registered agent plays a crucial role and maintains smooth contact with the government on behalf of the LLC, so it’s important to notify your registered agent. 

If you change the registered agent, please let the state registration agency know by filling out a form.

Other Parties

Other parties are associated with your LLC. They are partners, suppliers, distributors, lenders, and others. You also need to inform them so they remain updated about your LLC. 

It will help to work smoothly with them. Always check your agreements and documents to find out who the relevant parties are. Do let them know in a timely and proper manner.


Transfer LLC ownership successfully by following the above steps. It will help you to plan well for your LLC ownership transformation. So, transfer your LLC ownership to carry on the legacy of your LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can transfer your ownership to your child. You can make a will, gift, or sell your LLC ownership to your child. But you must follow the terms and conditions that are mentioned in the operating agreement.

You may face a few tax consequences after transferring LLC ownership. It can be things like capital gains taxes, mortgage and insurance rate increases, etc.

Yes, you can transfer ownership of an LLC to your spouse. You can sell the LLC or some share of it to your spouse. You can also give an LLC on lease to your spouse for a certain time.

The cost is variable. It depends on filings, taxation, and state rules. You may need to consult a service provider or lawyer for better understanding.

Transferring LLC ownership may require between a few weeks and a few months. The time depends on the complexity of the transfer and the state requirements. Hire a service provider to follow the transfer method smoothly. If you make mistakes, then it may take longer to transfer ownership.

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