What Does a Registered Agent Do for an LLC

What Does A Registered Agent Do For An LLC? (2024)

When forming an LLC, people may recommend hiring a registered agent. Then a question may come into your mind, “What does a registered agent do for an LLC?”

Get registered agent services to handle legal correspondence efficiently and on time. A legal person or business entity will help you from starting an LLC to facing legal issues. 

An agent receives, responds to, and handles legal correspondence on behalf of an LLC. However, if anyone wants to become a registered agent, there are some criteria to follow. Let’s explore the importance of a registered agent in your LLC.

What Is a Registered Agent?

Before registering an LLC, you may look for an LLC registered agent to hire. It can be a legal person or business entity that will receive legal notices on behalf of your LLC. The person can have a physical address in the state where you will run your LLC. 

In the public documents, you will provide your registered agent’s name and address. The agent will communicate well with the state officials on behalf of your LLC. You can also call them a resident agent or a statutory agent.

An agent receives processed government correspondence, notices, and other official notifications. It includes lawsuit notices and tax forms.

If your LLC runs in multiple states, then you need various agents. It can be a lawyer, a colleague, or a relative. It’s a must to have a registered agent handle the paperwork, maintain communication with the state officials, and help put an address on public documents to contact.

What Does a Registered Agent Do for an LLC’s Success?

There is a crucial role for a registered agent in an LLC journey. It influences an LLC to continue running in a state. An agent is responsible for receiving and responding to government correspondence and lawsuits. An agent’s task is also called a service of process.

Let’s see examples of papers your registered agent will receive on your behalf.

  • Tax notices from  local tax authorities and the IRS.
  • Official federal and state correspondence.
  • Lawsuits.
  • Subpoenas for information.
  • Summonses to present in court.
  • Corporate filing notifications.
  • Wage garnishment notices.

A registered agent can respond to file or fight a case on behalf of your LLC. It’s a significant helping role to keep your LLC safe.

An LLC Registered Agent Requirements

Are you thinking about how to become a registered agent? If you or a person wants to become your LLC registered agent, there are rules to follow. Let’s look at the compulsory laws below:

Registered Agent Requirements

Physical Location

A registered agent must have an office or a physical location in the state where your LLC runs. Otherwise, your registered agent can’t receive important notice from state officials on time. Moreover, your registered agent cannot use any virtual address or P.O. Box instead of a physical location.

Active During Business Hours

If a person often remains busy during business hours, he cannot be your registered agent. Legal notices usually arrive during business hours, so registered agents must be available during working hours.

Registered Agent For Your LLC

You may think about who can be a registered agent for an LLC. You, your colleagues, relatives, an employee, a lawyer, a service provider, and anyone who meets the state criteria to become a registered agent.

Not every state rule is the same. But the above criteria are essential. You will find them in every state. But contact the state agencies to find specific regulations for your state-registered agents.

Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a common and essential part of your LLC’s structure. Below, look at some significant reasons why you should choose a registered agent.

Forming an LLC

If you are starting an LLC, you must get a registered agent. Without an agent, you cannot register your LLC. It’s a strict rule that you will find in every state.

Keep Your Address Private

Do you want to keep your address and contact information private? Then, hire a registered agent. You can add your agent’s address to your LLC’s public documents. So state officials or any third party will contact your agent first. It will help you avoid spam and trouble.

Get Important Notices in a Timely

You may remain busy and miss out on essential government notices. But your registered agent will receive every notice.

Get Relaxed

A registered agent stays active during business hours. You don’t need to be alert. Feel relaxed and go on a vacation.

Communication with Government and State Officials

Your registered agent keeps in good contact with the state offices. They knows how to respond to officials and can advise you on legal action.

Controlling LLC

You may run your LLC in a foreign state. How will you handle your LLC legal correspondences? A registered agent in that particular state will help you.

Facing Lawsuits with Ease

A registered agent will help you fight against your lawsuits. They will notify you when your LLC is sued. Plus, help you fight the case.

Reminder for Notices and Reports

A registered agent also works as an alarm to make reports and essential documents for government officials. 

Stay Focused on Business

It’s tough for you to handle business operations and legal paperwork. So, hiring a registered agent will give you space to focus only on business operations and take it to new heights.


Hopefully, by reading above, you will get the answer to your question: “What does a registered agent do for an LLC?” So, start searching for a registered agent. You will find an affordable agent service provider who will help you relieve yourself from facing legal issues and taking legal action for your LLC’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can add yourself as a registered agent of your own LLC. But only if you meet the criteria. You must have a physical address in the state and be available to receive legal correspondence during business hours.

The cost ranges between $50 and $300 a year. A registered agent’s prices vary. You may spend a maximum of a few hundred dollars on a registered agent.

Yes! But it won’t cost you extra fees. You will miss out on critical legal correspondence, notices, and lawsuits. Plus, the state will suspend your LLC rights for having a registered agent.

Yes. Registered agents are liable if they fail to fulfill their legal responsibility towards your LLC. It can be like forgetting to notify you about your LLC being sued, the government sending out notices, making & submitting reports annually, etc. 

It’s simple to change your registered agent. Just inform the state agency about changing your agent. Then, submit the necessary documents and fill out a form. Submit the form with the required fees to the state agency.

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