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What Is The Cost Of LLC In Washington? (2024 Update)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of Washington’s most popular business entities. Washington is one of the top recommended states for starting an LLC. If you are planning to do the same, you must know the cost of LLC in Washington. 

The average cost in Washington for starting an LLC is $200. This cost generally counts for the filing fees. There is another additional cost as well. The detailed costing depends upon your business type. 

In this article, I have gathered all the information you might want about Washington LLC’s Costing. 

What Is The Average Cost of forming an LLC in Washington State?

In Washington, DC, the average cost of setting up an LLC in 2024 is $180 to $200. This is merely the cost of the LLC filing fee in Washington DC to submit at Washington Secretary of State requires.

Other costs can be deducted. Depending on your business, the cost might increase. Also, there are ongoing costs like annual reports and registered agent services.

Total Costing Of An LLC In Washington

Field of Costing

Average Costing

Certificate of Formation


Registered agent cost


LLC name reservation


Operating agreement fee

$50 to $200

State Business License fee


Professional Services and other costing

Depends upon

Certificate Of Formation

Certificate Of formation is applied to the Office of the Secretary of State. This fee requires around $180. The expedited service will require $50. All these filing fees are nonrefundable. 

Registered Agent Costing

You have two options to pick from. These are commercial registered agents and noncommercial registered agents. Which one you require depends upon your business type. Washington has a few well-known registered agent services. You might have to spend around $100 to $300 yearly for these services. 

LLC Name Reservation

Like all other LLCs, Washington also requires you to select and reserve a unique name. This will give your business an individual identity. To do so, you must get a name reservation form from SOS, Washington. You must find a unique name and reserve it for $0 to $35. 

Operating Agreement Fee

With an operating agreement, you will form operational guidelines for the LLC, according to Washington. You need to be extremely professional and have enough knowledge about Washington LLC. You can hire professionals to make a perfect operating agreement. After all, this will be the ultimate guideline of the business you are forming. 

Forming an operating agreement can be charged anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the professional. If you have experience dealing with operating, agree, you can do it yourself. This will save you a few bucks, though it is not recommended.

State Business License Fee

 State business license fees will eventually legally give you permission to operate your business in Washington. You must apply for a state business license to get this permit. The filing cost of this license is around $90.

Apart from all these, you might have to pay other additional costs for the LLC.

Ongoing Costing Of LLC Washington

The annual cost of an LLC in Washington State will be the ultimate ongoing cost of your LLC. Here, I have mentioned a few ongoing costs you might not get to skip:

Annual Report Fee

Washington LLCs must file an annual report with the Secretary of State. This annual report will update your LLC’s basic information. The filing fee for this report is $60. You will also need to submit updated information about your registered agent, office address, and official documents. 

Franchise Tax

Franchise taxation is an ongoing cost of your LLC. In 2024, the ongoing cost was 8.25% of your business’s net income. 

Other Taxation

Spending upon your LLC type, you might have to pay several types of taxes. These are single-member LLC tax, multi-member LLC tax, husband-wife tax, electing corporate tax, state income tax, local income tax, etc. 

Note: The registered agent fee is also considered an ongoing fee for LLC Washington.

Wrap Up

Starting an LLC to maintain an LLC requires a certain amount of cost. Washington has certain restrictions that you must maintain. For example, you have to get an operating agreement and a registered agent, which will require you to pay a certain amount. Apart from the filing fee, there are other costs you better consider while forming an LLC in Washington.

Key Points

  • Washington filing fee is $180 to $200
  • There are additional costs included
  • The cost of a registered agent will be around $100 to $300
  • There are other costings related to business name reservation, forming operating agreements, and business license
  • You should also consider the ongoing costs and taxation, registered agent fees, and annual reporting fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a resident of Washington and have enough knowledge about LLC and Washington Regulations, you can be your registered agent. This can save you costing up to $300.

The annual renewal fee is applicable to specific types of LLCs. This can cost you around $71 to file the renewal online. It is pretty easy and quick as you will get the procedure done in 2 days.

Yes, your business license in Washington can expire, and generally, you will receive an official reminder. Usually, they require you to renew the service one month after expiration.

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